Ejercicio con futuro simple y continuo

A continuación tienes un ejercicio con verbos en inglés para hacer online en el que tendrás que elegir la forma más correcta entre futuro simple (will/shall) y futuro continuo para completar la frase:

There is going to be a bus strike. Everyone (walk) to work next.

Andy: You’ve just missed the last train!
Brigith: Never mind, I (walk).

Amy: I’ll ring you tomorrow at six.
Leonard: No, don’t ring at six; I (bath) the baby then. Ring later.

Mother: Your face is dirty.
Child: All right, I (wash) it.

Anthony: Will you have lunch with me on the 26th?
Emma: I’d love to, but I’m afraid I (do) my exam then.

You ought to try to get a ticket for the Spectators’ Gallery next week; they (debate) international fishing rights.

Claudia: You’ve left the light on.
Nelson: Oh, so I have. I (go) and turn it off.

I’ve just been appointed assistant at the local library.
Then you (work) under my sister. She is head librarian there.

Military order: Sentries (remain) on duty till they are relieved.

Mother (on phone): My son has just burnt his hand very badly. Doctor: I (come) at once.

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