Ejercicio con presente continuo y futuro simple

En el siguiente ejercicio online propuesto se pide rellenar el hueco que falta en cada frase con la forma más correcta que corresponda a elegir entre presente continuo y futuro simple:

I hope that you (have) a good time tomorrow.

Alice: Where (you/meet) them?
Anna: I (meet) them at midnight in the middle of the wood.

Laura: Look! I’ve broken the teapot. What (Mrs Smith/say)?
Lydia: She (not mind), she never liked that one.

He (leave) in a few days.

I (remember) it.

I never (forgive) him.

You (see) a signpost at the end of the road.

Cristine: He has cut my hair too short.
Paula: Don’t worry, it (grow) again very quickly.

You (understand) when you are older.

I (move) to a new flat next week.

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