Ejercicio con Will y Be going to

A continuación tienes un ejercicio de inglés para hacer online en el que tendrás que poner la forma más correcta de «Will» o «Be going to».

You’ve bought a lot of paint. You (redecorate) your bathroom?

Pablo: The fire has gone out!
Anna: So it has. I (go) and get some sticks.

Emilio: He has just been taken to hospital with a broken leg.
Alice: I’m sorry to hear that. I (send) him some grapes.

Carlos: Will you lend me your season ticket?
Carmena: No, I (not lend) it to you. It is against the law.

Marcos: Look what I’ve just bought at an auction!
Raquel: What an extraordinary thing! Where you (put) it?

I’ve just enrolled at the local technical college. I (attend) pottery classes next winter.

I’m turning this cupboard into a darkroom. I (develop) my own films.

Juan: How do you get from here to Puerta del Sol?
Claudia: I don’t know, but I (ask) that policeman.

Cristina: Why are you carrying a corkscrew?
Paula: I (open) a bottle of wine.

Enrique: Why’s he putting the camera on a tripod?
Fran: He (take) a group photo.

Elena: My sister has just returned from America.
Jorge: Oh good, we (ask) him to our next party.

Amy: Why have you set your alarm to go off at five-thirty?
Leonard: Because I (get) up then. I’ve got a lot to do.

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