Ejercicio con futuro simple, be going to y presente continuo II

En este nuevo ejercicio tendrás que completarlo rellenando el hueco que falta en cada frase con la forma más correcta a elegir entre futuro simple, «be going to» o presente continuo:

I promise you: I (finish) my homework on time next week.

I (take) this letter to the post office when I go into town this afternoon.

Will and Paul (meet) the Pope when they are in Italy? – I don’t think so. It isn’t in their itinerary.

I’m not quite sure yet, but we probably (move) to Bath.

I’m sorry, we can’t meet tomorrow. I (see) my therapist at 8 p.m.

Now that he has moved into a bigger house he (make) a swimming pool in his garden. He’s saved for that for months.

Look out! The ladder (fall)!

I (carry) the bags for you. They must be very heavy.

«I (be) a pilot when I grow up» – said the little boy.

You are determined to pass the exam next time. «I (pass) this exam, even if it kills me!»

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