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Ejercicio con presente perfecto continuo

En el siguiente ejercicio se pide rellenar la frase con la forma correcta del verbo en presente perfecto continuo. Puedes ver la solución de cada oración pulsando el botón correspondiente de cada frase.

Your fingers are very brown. You (smoke) too much.

Her phone (ring) for ten minutes. I wonder why she doesn’t answer it.

The trial (go) on for a long time. I wonder what the verdict will be.

You usually know when someone (eat) garlic.

I (bathe). That’s why my hair is all wet.

He (speak) for an hour now. I expect he’ll soon be finished.

Ever since he came to us that man (try) to make trouble.

The radio (play) since 8 a.m. I wish someone would turn it off.

How long you (drive)?
I (drive) for ten years.

Someone (use) my bicycle. The chain’s fallen off.

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