Ejercicio con presente simple, presente continuo y presente perfecto

En el siguiente ejercicio se pide completar la casa con la forma más correcta del verbo, pudiendo conjugarse en presente simple, presente continuo o presente perfecto.

I’m in Madrid because I (study) Spanish at a language school.

At the moment Paula (lie) on the floor playing with her doll.

It’s the first time I (slide) on snow.

Usually I (work) as a secretary at ATB.

Shhhhh! Be quiet! Tom (sleep) .

I hate living in London because it (always, rain) there.

I’m sorry I can’t hear what you (say) because everybody (talk) so loudly.

Jimmy (currently, write) a book about his adventures in Nepal.

(you, want) to come over for dinner tonight?

The business cards (be, normally) printed by a company in San Francisco.

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