Futuro simple, be going to y presente continuo III

Esta es la tercera parte de ejercicios con futuro simple, be going to y presente continuo. Como en los anteriores, rellena el hueco con la forma más adecuada y comprueba la solución.

You want to meet a friend for dinner. You phone her and say: «What you (do) on Thursday at nine o’clock?»

Mass space travel (soon become) possible.

I have more free time at the weekend so I (clear) out the kitchen cupboards on Saturday.

«I can see clearly that in three years’ time you (meet) someone special in your life» – said the fortune-teller.

I’ve decided! I (book) a trip to the Maldives Islands for our honeymoon.

In the nearest future, it’s likely that adventure holidays (be) limited to remote places on Earth.

Oh, no! I’ve broken the vase! What (say)?

Stephen (have) a dinner party next Friday.

«The children haven’t eaten anything yet». – «Don’t worry. I (make) them an omelette».

Unless he arrives soon, we (go) to the concert.

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