Los verbos en inglés: Ejercicio con presente perfecto

Los verbos en inglés: Ejercicio con presente perfecto.

Se pide completar el hueco que falta en cada frase con la forma correcta del verbo en presente perfecto.

My sister loves romantic films. She (to see) ‘The Bridges of Madison County’ five times.

You look worried, what’s the matter?- I (to lose) my credit card. What should I do?

That man drives too fast. He (to break) his new car and one of his legs.

Do you know Montreal? A little. I (to be) there once.

Mary (to fly) to London. She will be back next week.

My son (to forget) to buy some bread. He is so absent-minded!

Mr. and Mrs.Smith (to sell) their house. Now they want to buy a smaller one.

There is no orange juice left. Peter (to drink) the whole bottle.

Sally and I (to know) each other for more than ten years. We are very good friends.

My father is a good writer. He (to write) many interesting books.

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