Pasado perfecto y pasado perfecto continuo II

A continuación se muestra un nuevo ejercicio en el que habrá que rellenar el hueco con pasado perfecto o pasado perfecto continuo.

After the thunderstorm (stop) we left the hotel.

Before the firefighters saved the dog, they (have to) bring a long ladder.

The football fans (demolish) the stadium of FC Barcelona for some time when the police arrived.

When the head teacher turned up, the students (fight) for about 30 minutes.

After the janitor (lock) the gate, he brought the dangerous animals too.

I (not dream) about having a house until I got a rise.

Before he talked to the psychologist, his feelings (be blocked).

By the time we got to the theatre, the play (already, start) .

I (drive) for seven hours when we arrived in the city.

He (always, think) of being a basketball player before he had an accident.

When he got to the finish line, he (run) for three hours.

By the time they left the town, their mechanic (repair) the bus.

When Peter ran across those obstacles, he (travel) for four hours.

Little Carl (brush) his teeth by the time he went out.

After they (open) the door, they saw that awful mess.

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