Ejercicio con will y be going to II

En el siguiente ejercicio se pide rellenar el hueco faltante con la forma conjugada más correcta que corresponda a elegir entre will y be going to.

Stephen: Will you lend me your season ticket?
Charles: No, I (not lend) it to you. It is against the law.

Will: Look what I’ve just bought at an auction!
Claudia: What an extraordinary thing! Where you (put) it?

Anna: What you (do) when you grow up?
Leonard: I (be) an acrobat in a circus.

Marissa: Why are you getting out the jack?
Teo: We have a puncture and I (change) the wheel.
Marissa: I (help) you.

I’ve just enrolled at the local technical college. I (attend) pottery classes next winter.

I’m turning this cupboard into a darkroom. I (develop) my own films.

George: How do you get from here to London Bridge?
John: I don’t know, but I (ask) that policeman.

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